“Ohrid Summer” exhibition dedicated to the artist Georgi Bozhikov

An exhibition of photographs titled “From the art opus of Georgi Bozhikov”, the firstling man  of the opera at the Macedonian National Theater will be opened today within the framework of the “Ohrid Summer Festival”.

The photography exhibition will be  set at  the head office   of  the festival, and  will be opened at 9 pm.

Georgi Bozikov (Petrich, 1931- Skopje, 1986), bass, is one of the key spiritual figures of Macedonian music culture, in the thirty-two years he lived with us (1964-1986). Regardless of whether it is one of his 27 opera roles, festivals on the stage of the Opera at the Macedonian National Theater – but also on important European scenes, whether it’s about numerous solo parties in oratoriums and cantatas in a stylish span from baroque to today, for concert performed solo songs – pearls of world vocal literature, or numerous performances and performances of works by Macedonian composers, Georgi Bozhikov always remained supreme professional, comprehensively creative and suggestive, unrepeatable and unique.

The exhibition of photographs “From the art   opus  of Georgi Bozhikov” is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of his first recital at the Ohrid Summer Festival.