The Ohrid Summer Festival is decorated with another recognition

The biggest musical-scenic manifestation in Macedonia and the region, the Ohrid Summer Festival received a recognition from the International Turkish Cultural Organization “Turksoy” in gratitude for the performance of their talented young musicians within the 57th edition of the festival.

In the name of “Ohrid Summer”, the recognition was received by the “Ohrid Summer” Music Selector, Gjorgji Tsutskovski, who did not hide the satisfaction of such an acknowledgment, which, in his opinion and in the future, should be an incentive for intercultural exchange and unification of peoples.

– I am very glad that “Turksoy” as an association awarded me a recognition and a thank-you note for my invitation to them within the frames of the Ohrid Summer Festival, and I think that as two countries close and with a great shared history we should really cooperate and expand Our culture there, their here, and always be a bridge of unification of the two peoples, said Tsutskovski.



From “Ohrid Summer” add that art exceeds the political, religious and ethnic borders, and the scenes of this festival are fertile ground for intercultural dialogue and exchange. In its fifty-seven-year existence, the festival has received numerous domestic and international awards and recognitions for building cultural values.