“Ohrid Summer” and “Tikveš” in 2018 will jointly promote Macedonia in the world

Wine is more than just a plain product. Wine is a story that tells about the soil, the sun, the wind – for the country where it is created, wine is a story that transmits the energy of the people who participated in its creation. The Tikveš wine cellar tells the story of Macedonia as a wine country since 1885 , positioning the “Top of Macedonia” at the top, not only at the regional level, but also globally. “Tikveš”, one of the most important players in the wine industry in Europe and the world, with the festival “Ohrid Summer” fosters a long-standing partnership based on trust, understanding and respect. Support for “Ohrid Summer” continues in the future, announces “Tikveš”



Ohrid Summer: Your help as a sponsor of the “Ohrid Summer Festival” is of particular importance. Your actions in this sphere of cultural life of the Republic of Macedonia, helping the most significant manifestation, has resulted in many important events that enriched the cultural program in the country and raised its level. How much do you think you are worthy of this and how do you rate the “Ohrid Summer”?


Winery “Tikveš”: It is a great pleasure to cooperate with a manifestation of such tradition and reputation, such as “Ohrid Summer”. This festival is one of the few that for so long in the continuity of the domestic audience and of course the foreign visitors allow them to attend top art performances and hear/see artistic names from world caliber. This is what deserves people who are part of his organization and it is our honor to provide their support and contribute to the success of the festival, which is of great importance not only for offering cultural and artistic content in our country, but also for promoting Ohrid and Macedonia beyond the borders of our country.



Ohrid Summer: “The Ohrid Summer Festival” has been at the forefront of the world art scene for years and it has been popularized with great music names with worldwide reputation. Which event, which artist left you the biggest impression during the past festival editions?


Winery “Tikveš”: It is ungrateful to distinguish specific names and events. The quality and rich program over and over again offers an incredible experience for the audience, and the locations of the concerts additionally contribute to the impeccable impression. Perhaps in the last few years, multimedia projects have become more important, because apart from music, they also provide visual enjoyment to the audience.



Ohrid Summer: A long-term partnership is based on trust, understanding and respect. The festival, which is the pride of Macedonian art and culture, lasting over five decades, always has the largest and most important companies. Will you continue along the road to building the future of the most prestigious manifestation?


Winery “Tikveš”: Winery “Tikveš” has a long-term strategy and a strong commitment to support such manifestations. It fits with the values ​​we cherish and our efforts by promoting one of the most famous Macedonian products – the wine to contribute to the promotion of the whole country, establishing it as a premium wine producer, but also as a tourist destination. From this aspect, the goals and activities of the “Tikveš” BB and the festival “Ohrid Summer” are compatible and of course we will remain committed in the future in the future. “Tikveš” is a brand with an image and reputation of high quality, and this is exactly the reputation of this festival. Hence, further cooperation in preserving the reputation and high quality of the manifestation are more than certain.



Ohrid Summer: In short, your plans in the New Year 2018?


Winery “Tikveš”: Every year “Tikveš” achieves greater success compared to the previous one, and we plan to repeat it in 2018. Next year we will continue to introduce innovations in our portfolio, taking into account the requirements and the needs of the consumers, presenting them the latest trends in the industry. This is true for the markets where our wines are present, but also in new markets, because the breakthrough of our wines abroad is certainly part of the long-term strategy for the company’s development and further growth and success. We will continue to develop the wine culture in the country, as well as to promote Macedonia and the Macedonian wine outside the country. We expect many awards for our wines in renowned international wine competitions, which will further strengthen the image of “Tikveš” and Macedonia as a top wine producer.