Unique Russian artists from “Terem” quartet tonight at “Ohrid Summer”

The unique Russian quartet “Terem” will perform at the festival “Ohrid Summer”, enriching the music program with a concert that will be held tonight at the church “Sveta Sofia” at 9 pm.

This ensemble is comprised of the national artists of Russia Andrei Konstantinov-soprano dombra and Andrei Smirnov-bayan / accordion, as well as Alexei Barschev-alt dombra and Vladimir Kudryavchev-contrabass.

The Terem Quartet is a kind of Russian phenomenon, a unique ensemble that Russian folk music raises up to unknown heights. The incredible virtuosity, exceptional technical readiness, undisputed style of interpretation and original arrangements make this quartet unique of its kind in Russia. Each member of the quartet is at the same time a composer, arranger, improviser, but the music they play stems from their shared creativity.

The repertoire of the ensemble consists of more than 500 compositions, original transcriptions, paradoxical fantasies inspired by popular themes of classical and contemporary music, as well as folklore, jazz and music from film. Creativity is derived from Russian art and old traditions, which often represent Russia in significant manifestations and in front of world leaders including the Pope and Mother Teresa in the Vatican, performing in the St. Stephen’s Palace. James at the invitation of Prince Charles, at the G8 leaders’ summit in St. Petersburg, etc. Their significance is shown by the annual “Terem Festival”, which is one of the most important musical events in the cultural calendar of St. Petersburg, featuring world-famous names from the world and cross-over music, making this event contemporary and relevant to today’s life.

The music of “Terem” is passionate, alive and through it sounds the chords of the Russian soul. Musicians on the stage often get out of the “standard concert”, making a different theatrical experience through a dialogue with the audience. Their performances reflect the life and music of the 21st century – positive, energetic, full of joy and love that speak of the fundamental values ​​of the Terem quartet and their desire to make the world a better place to live.

The Terem Quartet together with the Hermitage Museum, the Mariinsky Theater and the Russian Museum are considered the main representatives of the cultural life of St. Petersburg. The first concert was performed on November 26, 1986, and this date is considered by his members as the birthday of the ensemble.