Ohrid National Theatre opens drama programme at the 62nd Ohrid Summer Festival

The drama programme at the current 62nd Ohrid Summer Festival is to be opened with the premiere of the play “Sex, lies and jealousy” by Marc Camoletti, directed by Kole Angelovski, performed by the Ohrid National Theatre.

The play shall be given at the Centre of Culture “Grigor Prlichev” tonight at 9 p.m. It casts Strezo Stamatoski, Nikola Todoroski, Adrijana Bilalovikj – Todoroska, Elizabeta Stefanovska, Biljana Bilalovikj  -Veljanoska and Marija Novak.

– This is the second project in collaboration between the Centre of Culture “Grigor Prlichev” and the Ohrid National Theatre supported by the Ministry of Culture. Previously we completed the play “Energic People” by Aleksandar Ivanovski, and we have one upcoming play, “Vampire Village” by Gjorgji Rizeski. About the play “Sex, lies and jealousy”, we have worked on it for two months. The actors are looking forward to their performance, and I believe the audience will be content. There is a huge interest for the upcoming premiere and after the summer season it will be part of the regular repertoire of the Ohrid National Theatre, – says Goran Simonovski, manager of the Centre of culture “Grigor Prlichev”.

The action takes place at a block of flats, in a stylishly furnished apartment with a beautiful view upon the city, with nicely designed, elegant and contemporary costumes. The conductor manqué of this farce is the maid, who is constantly on the stage and using many improvisations tries to justify the things happening around her. This is a play about love, adultery, faith and hope. It’s about the bright side of life, those little sparkles in all of us.  Kole Angelovski was born in Skopje in 1943. He graduated from the Film and Theatre Academy in Belgrade. He spent his professional life at the Dramski Theatre in Skopje. He has played numerous theatre roles at his home stage, but the majority of his lead roles are played in films and series in ex Yugoslavia. As a director in Macedonia, he has directed more than 100 theatre plays and is one of the most eminent Macedonian directors.