Eight-volume book cycle “Dimitrije Buzharovski – creation and time” – permanent testimony of the Macedonian music culture

Within the 62nd Ohrid Summer Festival, the Faculty of Music – Skopje yesterday promoted the eight-volume book cycle “Dimitrije Buzharovski – creation and time”.

It is about an encyclopedic autho-musicology project which represents the rich creation of over 170 opuses of one of the most significant contemporary Macedonian composers.

The selector of the music programme of Ohrid Summer Festival, Bisera Chadlovska, addressing the audience, said that prof. Buzharovski is a versatile musician, composer and, as she pointed out, a fascinating parson.

–       Ohrid Summer Festival is part of the rich professional work of professor Buzharovski. He has had many functions here – President of the Festival Council, its selector and member of the EFA’s Legal Committee. Beside that, for me as a conductor, the most interesting fact is that at Ohrid Summer Festival many of his works have been performed, part of them by himself, said Chadlovska.

Dean of the Faculty of Music in Skopje, (FMU), Zhivko Firfov, said that this is a rare project of huge importance not only for FMU, but also the whole Macedonian music culture.

– It reflects not only the creative pathway of one of the most significant individuals in the contemporary Macedonian culture, the composer, pianist, scientist and innovator in using electronic and computer music, the social figure and teacher Dimitrije Buzharovski, but it also reflects the whole Macedonian culture in one period longer that six decades, added Firfov.

The reviewer Viktorija Kolarovska – Gmirja pointed out that with this book cycle the author guides us in his creative laboratory, making an axhaustive analysis of his works.

– It is fascinating how intensively these books are created. In two years, around 1700 pages of detailed, dense text, simultaneously to writing a huge number of pages on the scores in the Sibelius programme. Such intensity is characteristic for the author. It is a trait of his composing work and that is one of the priviledges of his overall creative personality, said Kolarovska – Gmirja.

Trena Jordanoska is one of the reviewers of the book cycle by Buzharovski, and as the author said himself, she deserves the credit for the whole technical work in the project.

–       The eight books from this cycle are made in three years. In 1700 pages the author works on over 170 opuses from his creation.These numbers speak of the kind of intellectual we share space and time, and how proud we could be that in our environment we have a composer with such a rich erudition, said Jordanoska.

The author of the books, Dimitrije Buzharovski clarified that it is about a product fully made out of enthusiasm and for which, as he said, money wasn’t needed, but everything is put on the Internet free of charge.  

– This whole project is a contribution from the invisible digital hand which helps us more and more to robotically perform things in life, unthinkable a couple of decades ago. What is more important is that all this will be shared on the Internet and will be available for the generations to come, pointed out Buzharovski.

The books have been electronically published and made available for free download on the web page of the Buzarovski Archive (BuzAr). The publisher of these volumes is the Faculty of Music – Skopje. With the launch of the publication of this seminal musicological project, the Faculty of Music and The Ohrid Summer Festival are effectively marking Dimitrije’s Buzarovski 70th birthday, bearing in mind that Buzarovski has been a professor at said Faculty for several decades and has served as Dean twice.

The book promotion also features a video projection which allows the viewers to journey through the pages of these volumes via a selection of audio and video materials from the performances of Buzarovski’s works.